Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Three factors of Intention - Will, Desire and Belief

Masha'Allah, our Mind is a powerful tool. The Will is the mind force or mental assertion. When we Will something, we mentally assert it. We have the mindset that commands and demands that it must be so, and that it Will. Our Will gives power to our intention. Will is the outward projection of Spirit. The Will is choice of focus. We choose what we focus on, what we hold our attention on, and where we align our energy towards with our Will.

The Will is the ruling faculty of the mind. Only the conscious mind has the ability to assert the Will. We, who has no will has no mind. Our mind is not our own if is being used by another. Unless we control thought, it will control us. Concentration is sustained focus. Will is the faculty of concentration. Concentration requires interest. The relation between concentration and interest is the relation between Will and Desire. The Will is concentration of attention. 

When we are centered in right thinking, we send out only good will to others and are without fear. We cannot be influenced by the negative thoughts of others. In fact, we could only receive good thoughts, as we send forth only good thoughts. Resisting places us in a state of torment. Perhaps our fear is of their personality and do not avoid them. Be willing to meet them cheerfully, and they will either prove golden links in the chain of our good, or disappear harmoniously from our life.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Chemistry of Emotions


Yes, we are chemists! As we think, we shape the chemistry of our brain and blood, we shape the chemistry of our relationships, and we also shape the chemistry of our life. Even though we think of chemists as people who work in labs, everyone is a chemist and the labs we work in are the laboratories of our bodies, our homes, and the laboratories of our own lives. Here are the different ways we are chemists.

1) How we practice brain chemistry

As we think, we practice brain and blood chemistry. When we think about someone or something that stresses us, then we produce stress chemistry in our brain and blood stream.

We elevate levels of cortisol, adrenalin, norepinephrine, and histamine. Prolonged thinking like this often leads to a build up of free radicals and inflammatory cytokines in our bloodstream. These are chemicals that play a role in heart disease and ageing. And we are doing this with our mind!

If we were to think of someone that we love instead, or think of a moment of affection, then we produce different chemistry. We elevate levels of dopamine, serotonin, growth hormone, and oxytocin.

If we consistently think of positive thoughts, we increase oxytocin in our bloodstream, which helps sweep those damaging free radicals and cytokines out of our blood. It is a ‘cardioprotective’ hormone and again, we are doing this with our mind.

Research shows that a hostile mindset is linked with cardiovascular disease. People who tend to be most hostile and aggressive have a much higher risk of heart disease than the general population. An attitude of love, compassion and kindness, on the other hand, is associated with better cardiovascular health.

2) How we practice relationship chemistry

A hostile or aggressive mindset also shatters relationship quality. It steers conversations towards complaints and criticism and guides us away from the things that really matter.

When we overly focus on what’s wrong with things or what’s wrong in the world, we get so caught up in the emotions of anger and frustration that we actually miss out on savouring special moments that happen around us. During these times, we move farther away, emotionally, from those who matter most to us.

When we point the mind towards the heart and focus on what’s good and the good qualities in people, we sow the seeds of emotional closeness. People find us more approachable and more enjoyable to be around. We gradually move closer, emotionally, to those who matter most to us, as well as build a network of people who value us for who we are.

3) How we practice life chemistry

Our thinking also shapes the events and circumstances of our lives. We move towards, or attract, those things that we give most attention to.

The trouble most of us have is that while we might have a goal or aspiration, we only give it a fraction of our focus. Throughout the day, a whole manner of things occupy a greater portion of our minds: how crappy our current state of affairs is, how such and such a person is causing us stress, how little money left at the end of each month, as well as, of course, a lot of happy thoughts too. But most of us generally apportion a larger percentage of our thinking to where we are and the woes of the past than to imagine and vision our future. We need to flip this around a bit and learn to direct a better portion of our attention to where we want to go.

Even if it’s not an 'event' or ‘thing’ we want a state of mind learning to direct more of our attention inwards, perhaps through prayer and supplication.

So everyone is a chemist. I like to reflect on the fact that I started out to explore the power of the human mind. You may have read my book, ‘Mind Control System’ and realised that we never stop being a chemist at all. I have just learned to practice different kinds of chemistry, kinds of chemistry that we are all practising in every moment of our lives. We just don’t realise that we are doing it.

Now if we do realise it, we can impact our health in a favourable way, we can nurture and build our relationships, and we can use our chemistry prowess to shape the landscape of our lives.

Most people grow up with the idea that the mind is impotent, that its only function is to interpret life, think and make decisions. But the mind can be thought of, as a force, one that pushes chemistry in the brain and body, one that brings love into our lives, and one that pushes outwards to create our hopes and dreams.

We are much more than we think we are and far more capable than we think we are! As long as we believe in ourself!

Thursday, 22 November 2012


In The Name of Allah, The Source of Mercy, The Most Merciful.

There is another Law in conscious creation of reality that is as equally important to understand as the Law of Attraction. It is the Law of Detachment. It is this Law that gives the crucial distinction in utilising the Law of Attraction successfully. The Law of Detachment is complimentary to the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Detachment says that in order to successfully attract something, we must be detached to the outcome. If we are attached, we project negative emotions of fear, doubt, or craving which actually attracts the opposite of our desire.  We are operating from a position of worry, fear and doubt rather than serenity, trust and faith. Of course there are times when negative emotions are meant to be felt and acted upon, but our dominant emotions should be positive ones.

Anything we want can be acquired through detachment, because detachment is based on resting in the complete grace of God and trusting that He is the only provider. To be detached is to realise that everything good is from God and nothing at all is from us. It is God doing it and not our own, all we have to do is to have the right beliefs and put our trust in God.

Ease and perfection of action depend entirely upon the degree in which we cease to depend upon the consciousness. We have to take our conscious mind off it in order to let our subconscious mind take over. The pilot and the autopilot cannot control the plane at the same time.

To be attached means; to be powerless because what we attach our self to, we give our power to it. When we are looking at materialistic fulfilment for power and happiness, we are making something other than our true self. Detachment is knowing that whatever we detach from has no power over us, but we have complete power over it.

Attachment to anything will always create insecurity no matter how much of it we have. In fact, some of the people who have the most of what they want are the most insecure. Attachment to something makes us wonder if we will keep having it or if we may lose it. Insecurity causes unhappiness.

The search for security and certainty is actually an attachment to the known. There’s no progress in that, absolutely none at all. And when there is no progress, there is stagnation, entropy, disorder and disintegration.

Uncertainty and the unknown is the field of all possibilities or pure potential. It is ever fresh, ever new, always open to the creation of new opportunities. It is the realm of pure creativity and freedom. When we are attached, our intention gets locked into a rigid mindset and we lose the fluidity, the flexibility and the spontaneity inherent in the field of pure potential.

When we experience uncertainty, we are on the right path so we do not give it up. We do not need to have a complete and rigid idea of what we will be doing next week or next year, because if we have a very clear idea of what’s going to happen and we get rigidly attached to it, then we shut out a whole range of possibilities. Realise that there is an intelligence working alongside our own and it is the one that can bring us a better way or more worthwhile experience. All we have to do is state our intentions and desires and detach from the how and when they manifest.

Are there times when we want to work something out, but yet the more we try to work it out, the worse it gets? When God works; it is effortless. God arranges the situations for us when we are not in it, so that when we step in, we experience the blessings. It is so much better to depend on God than to depend on our own strength. What we can control, we should control. What we cannot control, we should let go and let God decide what's best for us. When we put our trust in God, everything is under control.

God will never deny our request because whatever we want for ourselves we can supplicate. But to experience non-resistance and effortless accomplishment, we must surrender to the will of God who only wants for us nothing but the best for we are beloved by the Creator who wants us to have it.

We may have the intention of going in a certain direction but between point A and point B there are infinite possibilities. With uncertainty factored in, we might change direction in any moment if we find a better ideal or something more worthwhile pursuing. We are also less likely to force solutions on problems, which enables us to stay alert to opportunities. One door seems closed, but there is another open. What we want can always come in another form. God never closes a door without opening another one, so we need to stay alert to see whatever new opportunities life presents us.

Imagine we found a job we are looking for. It looks like the job we want and it appears the odds are in our favour as we move from interview to interview within the office, yet at the last minute they choose to hire someone else. If we are detached then we trust that another opportunity, the right opportunity is on its way. However, if we are so attached to getting that job for whatever reason, we cause our self lots of anxiety and stress if we do not get it, which means we are looking for this job as an outside source to fulfil us on some level.

The Law of Detachment accelerates the whole process of progress. When we understand this law, we do not feel compelled to force solutions. When we force solutions on problems, we only create new problems. But when we wait patiently and in faith, the right solution will arise on its own. Confusion is the doorway to a new understanding. Order will emerge from the true faith.

We must have goals otherwise we are denying our inner desires, cutting ourselves off from growth and development. Goals inspire us to live, create and move forward. If we are not doing this, we are dying on the inside. We want to embrace desires and intentions but we just do not want to cling to them. Of course, we all want to realise our goals and desires, however if realising them is the source of our well-being, the source of our happiness or worthiness we will fail!

We have all heard of or know the classic stereotypes called overachievers who appear to have it all, the money, the fame, the status, only to be miserable on the inside. They have been setting and realising goals all their lives, and are still miserable.

This is why detachment is so crucial. When we do not have to have this thing in order to be well, or be happy, then we can let go and enjoy the process. Understand it is the process that is the joy, because the minute we realise our goal, we are going to be setting new goals. There is no realisation of any goal that is going to be the completion of us, once we realise one goal we are going to keep moving forward. I am sure we have all experienced this. There is no way that the realisation of goals is the source of our peace of mind or wholeness.

Life without progress becomes unbearable. It is the cycle of continuous progress that makes us happy. We are Energy Beings and energy is always in motion. To live is to keep moving. When we stop we die.

We learn from the law of attraction that all we experience is the result of what we feel. When we feel undesirable feelings, we attract undesirable experiences. Realise that when we feel undesirable feelings, it is because we are in a state of attachment to certain things that create those feelings. Break away from the attachment, stop worrying and bothering about it. Have not a care, act like it does not matter and our feelings will be liberated to more positive ones of fun, joy and peace.

The truth about States in NLP is really all about being in or out of alignment with our Self. When we are in alignment, we experience all our desired states such as happiness, confidence, freedom, joy, peace, fulfilment, empowerment. When we are not in alignment, we experience all our undesired states such as worry, fear, anxiety, uncertainty, weakness, frustration, depression and disempowerment. So in essence, there are only two states, a state of alignment and a state of misalignment.

Have fun, play the game of life. Remember there are rules and limits. Just have the attitude of doing something and then seeing what happens. Be in a position where we have nothing to lose. It does not matter whether the past experience was good or not. Keep moving on to the next one.

Some of the best things we desire just seem to happen to us when we are in a total “I don’t care” mode. And while it is happening, it is no big deal to us and it does not matter. But our acknowledge is the paradox of what’s going on in the situation, that we get what we want when we do not really seem to want it.

Be insistent yet detached. Focus on what we want, expecting it to happen and even when it did not happen, it does not matter. Have a detached involvement. There is a fine line between caring in a detached way and being truly uncaring. Just like there is a fine line between perfect good and perfect evil. Because the opposite ends of a polarity spectrum are really just next to each other.

Detachment does not mean we feel nothing. Detachment is not apathy or indifference. Detachment feels freeing! When we are successfully detached from the outcome we feel like all is well, like we can trust in our greater good, like we are absolutely certain that all that we desire is already ours. It is essential to intentional creation to get into a feeling place of peaceful expectation that what we want is already at hand. As long as we are ‘attached’ we will continue to focus on the negative aspects of what we do not want and the fears that come up as we doubt our ability.

Do not engage in something if it is the only option we feel we have. We are being attached. We will be disappointed and mentally shifted out of alignment with our centre, if the thing we want to do is not available for one reason or another at the time we want to do it. Create several other good options to take on in place of it at the time as well before we choose to engage in it. When we go ahead and do it in that manner, we will most likely get what we want because our energies are right.

To be unattached is emotional freedom and psychological stability. Keep our thoughts flowing with ideas. As long as there is flow of ideas, there is abundance. The moment we rest at any place, we stagnate and there is lack.

When we accomplish goals, we set new goals. We either progress or regress, we never stand still. We feel like we are dying if we are not growing, and collapsing if we are not expanding. When we keep advancing, our intelligence and knowledge will be in effect. When we become attached, our intelligence and knowledge will be of no effect.

To be in grace is to live in the truth that all things is from God and so there is nothing to cling on to as ours. To be under the law of attachment is to be enslaved by the yoke of bondage. To be attached is to fall from grace because we are trying to hold on to emptiness. When we are attached to our Self is of no effect unto us. When we are detached, we are blessed with God’s power and not our own.

Being unattached gives us the ability to drop whatever it is we are focusing upon at the moment and focus on something new. It makes us able to switch our concentration from one thing to another. It keeps our consciousness in flow and not fixed at any spot so it can be free and spontaneous in experiencing unfoldment.

Effectively applying the law of attraction requires both desire and acceptance. Practicing the law of detachment is how we can accept and expect what we desire. The two laws work harmoniously to support us in effectively applying the power of our minds and the laws of creation.

Every problem we experience in life is an opportunity for us to gain precious awareness that we do not already possess. A problem is an experience with a lesson to learn. The lesson contains the valuable awareness that will increase the sum total of our soul’s knowledge that empowers us to a greater level of living and being. The key to learning the lesson is in perception and lateral thinking. Be flexible and have an open mind. We will find the solution that we are happy with.

We are all God's creation whether yielded or unyielded. When we are yielded, we are of more use and become more powerful instruments and also enjoy the process with greater happiness. Do not care, just surrender our self to the Will of God. When we are detached, we are trusting and surrendering to God. Anytime we are not detached, we are not trusting, not surrendering and not yielding to God.

The law of detachment explains why productivity increases when a person takes frequent breaks from work. Being able to constantly walk away from what we are doing puts we in a state of rest and thereby able to continuously reconnect with the Will of God by keeping our thoughts in motion and our mind afresh. We may have stepped out for a while and feel lost and break in momentum and we can always step back into it again.

Sunday, 27 May 2012


In The Name of Allah, The Source of Mercy, The Most Merciful. 

The great leaders of business, industry, and finance, and the great artists, poets, and writers all became great because they developed the power of self motivation. Take a Steve Jobs or a Walt Disney or a Henry Ford. All titans of their industries, they all understood that learning cannot be confined to the schoolyard. For these men, and the pioneers before them, personal growth is closely tied to learning how your mind works, and conditioning our psychology for success. So many of us believe that after a college education the learning stops. Formal education will make you a living; self education will make you a fortune.

As children we are taught trigonometry and calculus, however no one taught us how to be a compelling leader or build financial freedom or how to create energy and vitality and not just prevent disease. No school taught us how to proactively manage our lives. But if we want an extraordinary life filled with financial abundance and outstanding health and energy and passionate relationships, then we need to actively take a different path of higher expectations, demands, something greater for our lives. We need to seek out the best.

There are 4 parts of visualization that you can learn and practice to assure that you use this incredible power to its best advantage all the days of your life?

How Often?

The first aspect of visualization is frequency. This is number of times that you visualize yourself performing in an excellent way, in a particular event or circumstance, to achieve a particular goal. The more frequently you repeat a clear mental picture of your very best performance or result, the more rapidly it will appear as part of your reality.

How Long?

The second element of visualization is the duration of the mental image, the length of time that you can hold the picture in your mind each time you replay it. When you deeply relax, you can often hold a mental picture of yourself performing at your best for several seconds, and even several minutes. The longer you can hold your mental picture, the more deeply it will be impressed into your subconscious mind and the more rapidly it will express itself in your subsequent performance.

How Clearly?

The third element of visualization is vividness. There is a direct relationship between how clearly you can see your desired goal or result in your mind and how quickly it comes into your reality. This element of visualization is what explains the powers of the Law of Attraction and the Law of Correspondence. The vividness of your desire directly determines how quickly it materializes in the world around you. Here is an interesting point: When you set a new goal for yourself, your image or picture of this goal will usually be vague and fuzzy. But the more often you write it, review it, and repeat it mentally, the clearer it becomes for you. Eventually, it will become crystal clear. At that point, the goal will suddenly appear in your world exactly as you imagined it.

How Intensely?

The fourth element of visualization is intensity, the amount of emotion that you attach to your visual image. In reality, this is the most important and powerful part of the visualization process. Sometimes, if your emotion is intense enough and your visual image is clear enough, you will immediately achieve it. Of course, the elements of frequency, duration, vividness, and intensity can help you or hurt you. Like nature, the power of visualization is neutral. Like a two-edged sword, it can cut in either direction. It can either make you a success or make you a failure. Visualization brings you whatever you vividly and intensely imagine, whether good or bad.

Action Exercise

Continually feed your mind with clear, exciting, emotional pictures. Remember, your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions. Learn how to accomplish all of your goals here.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Low Self Esteem


One of the major reasons we don't ask for what we want or need is the barrier called fear. And its roots can run deep. Sometimes where it all comes from is that we were shamed as children. We asked for something, and we got, "Don't you care about this family? How could you possibly ask for that? Don't you see how much we're struggling?" It goes on. Or we got laughed at or we asked for something in class, and the teacher put us down, and then we thought to ourselves. "I'll never let that happen to me again." "It's not safe." "I'll be hurt." So we stayed inside, and didn't ask.

There's a research study that was done in which they sent leads to salespeople. They were actually bogus leads that were prepared by the company to find out whether or not these people would ask for the order. Now some of these people would drive an hour across to this desert city out in the middle of nowhere, make this great presentation for the insurance, and then they wouldn't ask for any action from the customer. As they did this study, they were shocked when they found out only about 3% of the people were asking for the order. They were waiting for the person to say, "Okay, I'll buy it."

So they brought in all these great sales trainers that taught them all the 35 ways to close the sale. Then they sent them back out. And what happened was the number of people who actually asked for the order, you'd think it would go up to something like 99%! But it stayed relatively low. They realized it wasn't because people didn't know how to ask for the order, rather people are afraid to hear the word "NO."

Another barrier to asking for what we want is low self-esteem. Most people don't know this, but two out of three people have low self-esteem; only one out of three have high self-esteem. We often say at our seminars, "Look to your right; look to your left. One of you is okay; two of you are in trouble." When you think about that, it's pretty amazing. And what happens when you have low self-esteem is you don't feel worthy of asking; you don't feel worthy of receiving.

Turns out during World War II a Commander had taken a whole troop up the Rhine River, and as they got up the river, they were attacked. He was the only survivor out of several hundred men. Because he felt so guilty that he had been responsible for this troop and he was the only survivor, when he got out of the war, he went on a two-week drinking binge and then joined the monastery. He'd been there for almost 40 years and he was there because he didn't believe he deserved to have any happiness in his life.

Many of us are running that same game. I don't deserve, and therefore, why would I ask for something I don't believe I deserve? A lot of people believe their needs aren't important. Never got what they wanted; therefore, they never felt that they were validated in their importance.

Another barrier to asking for what you want is pride, and it's that we're afraid that we're going to appear helpless, weak, needy. There's a threefold model of most people's evolution. We start a need, "I need this. I need that." Then you go into greed, and you start getting it, and you become a little avaricious.

When you get your consciousness right, when you really know how to ask for yourself and you really know how to balance your life, then you're freed. And the whole goal here is to go from being needy, greedy, to being freed. Because once you're freed, you can go out and free other people.

We saw a cartoon recently. It showed a man, and his wife asked him the question, "Why don't you stop and ask for directions?"
And he says, "Because my genetic program prevents me from stopping to ask for directions, that's why." We men have to look as if we have it all together. We have to look as if we're totally self-sufficient at all times.

And so the reality is there's a whole deal of programming for men that it's not okay, so our pride as men is at stake; it stops us from asking.

Remember, all you have to do is ask!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Quanta


The Quantum World may be conceptualised as a "bridge" between what people think of as the "Physical" or "Material" world and the World of "Mind" and "Spirit".

"A human being is limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to the affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. Nobody is able to achieve this completely, but the striving for such achievement is in itself a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner security."

Let us now then take a further look at what he means. Look around you right now. What do you see? In your "PC", the "computer display" upon which you are currently reading this document, the "desk" upon which the display rests, the "chair" upon which you sit, the "doors", "walls" and "ceiling" of the room for example?

These objects may seem very "real" to you from your own personal perspective, because, after all, your physical senses insist they are "real" or "solid", but are these familiar everyday objects "real" in absolute terms? Is Earth Herself even "real"? How about the Universe? The "instruments" used to sample everything that people generally accept as "reality"? The first question we must ask then is "what is really "real"? Are the things around you really "real"?

To begin to understand the true nature of the experience that most humans regard as "reality", experience or "life", we must first take a completely dispassionate look at how your perception of "reality", from the perspective of a human "living" on Earth, your personal experience is collated and ultimately perceived and recognised from your perspective. So let us first briefly summarise how we "sample" what we believe to be "reality":

1. The five physical senses; sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch continuously send data in the form of millions of tiny "packets" of electrical charges, collectively "sensory inputs" representing a "best guess" impression of your surroundings, every second to your organic brain.

Note: The organic brain is not the Mind and neither is the organic brain the so called "seat of consciousness". The organic brain is best likened to an immensely powerful "supercomputer", but which still relies completely upon its programmer and systems analyst, the Subconscious Sphere of activity of the Mind, most often considered to be the "Subconscious Mind". This process can be thought of as taking place at a quantum level, with the brain being a receiver and processor like a computer CPU, which takes "machine code" and displays it in a form that can be seen and interacted with.

2. The organic brain continuously collates and assembles the stream of sensory inputs received from the sensory organs, from which it compiles an ongoing composite image or impression as a "best guess scenario". This composite "image", which encompasses all available sensory information, is then sent as a stream of data to the Subconscious sphere of Mind; Subconsiousness; the "Subconscious Mind".

3. Subconscious Sphere of Mind - Subconsiousness - then applies a range of learned "filters", acquired over the duration of the physical life experience to that moment, based upon ongoing ideas, feelings, emotions, fears, self esteem, prejudices, beliefs and belief systems, expectations of family, friends, society, perceptions on "money" and sense of security, concerns for family and much, much more, all received from the Conscious Sphere of Mind Principle; the "Conscious Mind" during the ongoing space-time bound experience which it accepts as "life".

Note: Subconscious Mind Principle is sublime, and simply accepts these messages from the Conscious Sphere of Mind activity as "preferences", without question, as your own preferred "self-image", your "idealised self" how you prefer to "see yourself". The Subconscious Mind then applies these "preferences" to the composite image it has received from the organic brain, and then forwards it to the Conscious Mind. Conscious Mind duly accepts the image without question as your own particular impression of your current "experience" in that moment. Keep in Mind that this is a continuous process.

This impression or image is always accepted by the Conscious Mind as "real" because the Subconscious Mind has already processed the image to ensure that it is in exact alignment with how you already perceive your own situation and "life experience", and therefore there are no contradictions, and you have no reason to consciously doubt it. So the "Subconscious Mind" is simply and only showing you only that which you already expect to see based upon your own perceptions, positive, negative or neutral of your own personal experience.

Subconscious Mind is always "humouring" you, but not because it makes any sort of decision to do so. The Subconscious Sphere of Mind activity is sublime, and only ensures that the wishes, rational or not, of the Conscious Mind, the Ego, are satisfied. Note: It is incorrect to speak in terms of "Conscious Mind" or "Subconscious Mind" because they are both spheres of activity of the One Ultimate and Only Mind, of which humans are but one sphere of activity. We should always therefore refer to these as Consciousness and Subconsiousness. However, in the interests of familiarity of terms, let’s continue to use both as appropriate. There is also Superconsciousness.

Now the important point to note at this stage is that our personal experience is constantly being shaped only by our Conscious sensory observations, experiences and associated thought processes including feelings and emotions, simply reacting to, and engaging in, what we sincerely believe to be our "real" experience, our "life" but for most with little or no control, or even remote awareness of this process.

It is a very common human trait to focus much more upon the "negative" aspects of perceived experience, with all the corresponding worries, fears and negative expectations thus arising, which are being constantly received by, and impressed upon the sublime Subconscious Mind, thereby constantly reinforced through feelings, moods and emotions, whether of a positive or negative perceived nature. So again, Subconscious Mind is dutifully and immutably ensuring that our own unique perception of our own unique experience accurately reflects our own perception of our experience and expectations, thereby perpetually satisfying our own learned and programmed self-reinforcing perceptions, prejudices and beliefs.

It should be apparent then, that Mind "shapes" our "reality". However, this is the apparent paradox: If Mind "shapes our reality", then why is it that our Personal sphere of Mind often, but incorrectly, regarded as the "Subconscious Mind" shape a "reality" that few people are entirely satisfied with Mind is Perfect after all? Well Human Beings also have a sphere of Mind activity which we call the Conscious Mind, or the Ego. While the "Subconscious Mind" manages all necessary Life processes in the physical body breathing, digestion, elimination etc which the Conscious Mind would not think of over-riding, the Subconscious Mind is still subservient to the Freewill of the Conscious Mind, the Ego.

The Subconscious Sphere of Mind never argues, disagrees, or acts of its own accord, but rather simply "follows the instructions" of the Ego, without question. Now since we cannot "tell the Subconscious what to do" or how to do it, how then does the Subconscious Mind "follow the wishes" of the Conscious Mind, the Ego? Well, the Subconscious Mind only accepts feelings, beliefs, intent etc, to the extent that a person has sublime Faith and Belief in whatever they believe, feeling etc. It is an unfortunate human "trait" to focus on the negative aspects of a situation due in part of the pressures of surviving, and wanting to conform to "societal norms" and in part to a lack of understanding of precisely why and how this actually occurs.

People explain this away with such superstitious notions as "luck", "chance", "fortune", inevitability and tacit acceptance of their "lot in life". What such people do not understand that every Human Being has the Freewill and therefore Choice to "Express" absolutely any Experience desired, with "limits". Now let us go back to the Quantum "layer" to see how Mind relates.

"Quanta" may be thought of as the "basic unit of Energy" which responds only to the influence of the Mind in proportion to the "power" of a Thought, Feeling or Emotion. The "native state" of Quanta is in the form of a Wave like a radio or light wave. However, when Quanta are influenced by Mind, in the context of the "physical world", Quanta notionally "collapse" from a Waves to Particles, which is how the illusion of "matter" arises to the physical senses, organic brain and Conscious Mind, the Ego. In reality, Quanta only exist as a continuous wave but appear to "collapse into particles under the influence of Mind so that the Conscious Mind can then "perceive" and rationalise what appears to be the physical world. This however nothing but an illusion, or aptly described as a "delusion". So how can this illusion be further explained?

In Quantum Mechanics, this mechanism is known as "Superposition". Superposition holds that Quanta can not only "change state", but can also influence other Quanta, regardless of illusions of linear, temporal space-time, to do the same. So Quanta appear not only to "communicate", but also independent of space-time. Superposition further holds that Quanta also exhibit multiple "states" concurrently. Quantum scientists have themselves said these words on conceptualised Superposition as: "The intermediate character of the state formed by superposition thus expresses itself through the probability of a particular result for an observation being intermediate between the corresponding probabilities for the original states, not through the result itself being intermediate between the corresponding results for the original states". So what then does this all mean in practical terms relating to Human Experience?

Well let us think of it this way. Quanta, which are "units of Universal Energy", to what people think of as the "physical world", exist normally as a Wave of Infinite Potential which apparently "changes" under the influence of Mind. This is true both at a "local" level, as well as a Universal level. Quanta therefore exist as a Superposition of "possibilities" of Infinite Potential, but in their native form Quanta are "Every-thing and No-thing".

Under the influence of Mind, Quanta cease to be infinite "possibility" and start to become apparently "localised" Probability relative to the activity of Mind. Now for the most part, the influence of Mind is either not powerful enough, or persistent enough for Quanta to move beyond the latent, transient Probability state. If however the influence of Mind is powerful and persistent enough, for example a persistent, strongly held Thought, Feeling or Emotion, then Quanta continue state-change from Probability in the form of a Wave, to observable Experience in the form of Particles which have the potential to be observed or detected by the Conscious Mind through the five physical senses communicating with the Human organic brain.

This process is immediately apparent as a thought, feeling or emotion immediately "manifests" in to "some-thing" observable and tangible although in reality nothing is ever "tangible". However, be certain every aspect of our own Earthly Experience is the product of our own Mind, thoughts, feelings and emotions, including, but not limited to Faith and Belief, although due to the additional influences of linear, temporal space-time this process is not apparent, and other factors are attributed by the conscious, rational, Ego Mind. However, if the Conscious Mind is taken out of the process altogether, and thus thoughts, feelings and emotions are Subsconsiously directed without "trying" then it is indeed possible to change Experience, "reality" or a so called "object" instantly. This then is the basis for Telekinesis, "spoon bending" and other such "abilities". The reason that most people cannot "move an object with the Mind" or "bend a spoon with the Mind" is precisely because they are "trying" to do so.

We can never achieve anything true by "trying" So when "we" move an "object" or "bend a spoon" with the Mind alone, we do not recognise the duality of that object, but rather that the object is actually part of us. This is as true at the "physical" level as it is at the Quantum level. This means that none of the "physical sciences" chemistry, physics, biology etc has any real basis in fact. In experiments, as in Life, we only Experience the "results" which we Believe and Feel are "correct", never those the Ego "desires".

Ask your-Self this; do you wish to accept this Divinely orchestrated opportunity through participation or prefer to decline this Divine Opportunity through fear? We are each and every one of us, blessed with Divine Freewill that we may make and live our own Choices and to fully accept the consequences of the Choices we make. Every Single Human Being on Earth Can and Does Make A Difference. Be absolutely certain of this truth, beyond all possible doubt.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012



The fundamental factors necessary to maintain good Health are: Exercise Breathing, and Nutrition.

When I was young, and growing up in the beautiful and natural countryside in the heart of Ceylon, a small rural village called "Gurutalawa" there were no "supermarkets" only a village stores. In the towns, cities and larger populated areas there were "multi-product stores" and they cannot be compared to the "supermarkets" of today. Food today, as with all other products offered in supermarkets, are based upon the tried and tested business model “stack it high, and sell it cheap". Food and products generally are rarely grown or made in the country in which the supermarket is located, but which are rather imported from abroad, very often in countries and regions by people being paid poor wages.

We knew that much of the food we purchased and valued so much was grown by the Ceylonese, and very often local farmers. We enjoyed access to village so small, family owned, "high street" or village shops greengrocers, bakers etc which offered only fresh, natural produce, sold by traditional shopkeepers who truly cared about the customer not their money. In stark and sad contrast, the foods to be found in today's so called "supermarkets" are grown in massive volume, and heavily contaminated with a chemical cocktail to artificially increase growth density and size yield and to ward off or kill insects and plant diseases none of which are remotely natural.

The traditional specialist store has become extinct, to the detriment of humanity. Even foods labelled as "organic" which is really no more than a marketing ploy are not entirely natural, just more natural than today's "mass produced" products. Not only are such mass produced foods lacking in nutrition, especially compared to the truly naturally grown counterparts, but also the chemical cocktail that permeates through this food can be not only toxic, but also "systemic" spread throughout the body, including brain and cumulative the body cannot remove them so they increase in concentration and deadly toxic effects throughout the course of a life. These foods are allowed to be grown and sold only due to the fact that the large, multi-national agro-chemical cabals control governments and other agencies who "bend the rules" without any regard for human life or wellbeing.

In all of these factors we must always consider that those multi-national cabals, banks and governments who would seek to control humanity for their own purposes, are in a very, very tiny minority compared to the 7 billion people living on this planet. Those directly behind all these atrocities in fact most likely number in the thousands. However we must all accept equal responsibility. While people use and encourage supermarket chains, banks, and so on, and continue to elect the very governments  who perpetuate,  encourage  and accept payment from those who would seek to control the Human race, then  everyone is equally responsible, and everyone must accept the potentially dire consequences. There can be no finger pointing or apportionment of blame. The cabals, banks and governments only get away with what they are getting away with because they are supported by the population as a whole through implicit and willing participation. A further insidious and highly dangerous trend over the last few decades in particular is the rise and spread of so called "fast food" and other so called outlets known as "ready meals" sold by the supermarkets.

It is a fact that nutritional diseases such as obesity, diabetes, colon and other cancers, heart diseases, liver and kidney diseases, allergies etc are not only accelerating at an alarming rate, but also afflicting people of ever younger age. Child obesity is rife. An increasingly higher percentage of the population is now classified as "clinically" or "morbidly" obese. Fast food generally is largely responsible, along with unhealthy lifestyles generally. Fast food may not be too toxic, in an of itself, but fast food lacks any useful nutrition and is also full of saturated fats. Pre-prepared, often ready cooked and packaged supermarket foods are a different matter, and perhaps one of the most insidious trends. Notwithstanding how and where these "meals" are prepared, in order to render them suitable for supermarket shelves, they are heavily adulterated with preservatives, artificial colours, artificial flavours, artificial preservatives and other toxic chemicals.

Again, humanity is collectively responsible. If people did not purchase and eat these "products" there would be no market for them, and they would no longer exist. Humanity must take the lead by initially no longer supporting the international cabals, banks and other "special interests" and become self-empowered. If we refuse to support these entities, they will die plain and simple. If we continue to support these entities, then the "future" of humanity is uncertain at best, catastrophic at worst, and any situation in between. Human Beings are "designed" to eat meat and dairy products and digestive system is actually "designed" to eat natural plant foods, this is a fact.

How natural is it to drink milk designed for a young baby calf until it is fourth months old? Cattle have a totally different anatomy and digestive system compared to that of Humans and the mother's milk is "designed" by nature accordingly. The same applies to "dairy cow" milk derivatives including cheeses, yoghurts etc.

If you cannot grow your own crops, you can definitely grow your own seed sprouts, which can be grown in the home, with very limited space, and in just a few days. Seed Sprouts are super-foods, and natural foods, containing all the nutrients the Human Body requires to remain fit and healthy in every way. Humanity is fully empowered to make all these changes. Depending on what Humanity chooses, collectively and individually. One Person Could Make All The Difference. Please Do Whatever You Personally Can To Potentially Make That Difference By Sharing This With Everyone You Know, And Ask That They Do The Same.

The need for ample exercise is self-evident and well documented generally. If we do not engage in sufficient regular exercise there can be many ramifications. As well as not "burning" and converting energy, and the muscles becoming progressively weaker, one of the most important life-sustaining organs in the body the heart also becomes weak leading to heart disease, respiratory issues and other consequences that can profoundly impact Heath.

Breathing however is also an absolutely crucial, life-sustaining bodily function. This may, to most, be self-evident, after all, if we do not breathe, then we "die". Now, the primary role of breathing for the physical body is to allow Oxygen to enter the lungs which in turn oxygenates the blood, ensuring that all every vital organ and cell in our body is supplied with Oxygen, which is crucial for Life almost All Life. If the brain is starved of Oxygen, for even a few minutes, the brain will first become damaged, and will then cease to function altogether. The same for the Heart.

When we exercise or engage in "physical exertion", we breathe harder and faster than is the norm, causing the heart rate to increase so that sufficient oxygen enters the body to supply the vital organs which are working hard and burning energy. Now most people perceive breathing as self-evident a natural, automatic process. While this may be true, breathing varies considerably in both quality and effect. There are various "types" of breathing:

Throat Breathing: This is the type of breathing that most people have become accustomed to, yet is the unhealthiest. Although Breathing is an automatic process under the control of the Subconscious Mind, the Subconscious Mind, as we know, never makes decisions as to how best to do anything. The Subconscious Mind will accept the quality of breathing that the Conscious Mind, the Ego; is most used to, which becomes "normal".

Breath is the coming and going of Life and Death. As such a high and central focus is placed upon "right breathing" among other disciplines. Breath also brings Energy in to the body. Shallow breathing, of the sort that many people are accustomed to, therefore only brings a fraction of possible Energy in to the body in any one breath.

Chest Breathing: Chest breathing is a more healthy way to breath. In chest breathing the rib cage is visibly moving in and out, resulting in more oxygen and the Energy coming in to the body, and being more widely distributed.

Many might believe that all breathing takes place through the nose or mouth. However, due to the porosity of skin, and the fact that what people think of as "skin", like all physical matter, does not actually exist as such, we can breathe in through any part of our body or the whole body, by focusing breath on that part of the body. In this way we can breathe Energy directly in to a major organ for example and focus it within that bodily organ. This is a very powerful form of self-healing. There is no disease whatsoever, known or yet to be known, that cannot be completed, permanently healed through the Power of Mind and Right Breathing. We may discuss this in more depth in future, but for now we have focused on our main subject of more "conventional" breathing.