Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Quanta


The Quantum World may be conceptualised as a "bridge" between what people think of as the "Physical" or "Material" world and the World of "Mind" and "Spirit".

"A human being is limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to the affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. Nobody is able to achieve this completely, but the striving for such achievement is in itself a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner security."

Let us now then take a further look at what he means. Look around you right now. What do you see? In your "PC", the "computer display" upon which you are currently reading this document, the "desk" upon which the display rests, the "chair" upon which you sit, the "doors", "walls" and "ceiling" of the room for example?

These objects may seem very "real" to you from your own personal perspective, because, after all, your physical senses insist they are "real" or "solid", but are these familiar everyday objects "real" in absolute terms? Is Earth Herself even "real"? How about the Universe? The "instruments" used to sample everything that people generally accept as "reality"? The first question we must ask then is "what is really "real"? Are the things around you really "real"?

To begin to understand the true nature of the experience that most humans regard as "reality", experience or "life", we must first take a completely dispassionate look at how your perception of "reality", from the perspective of a human "living" on Earth, your personal experience is collated and ultimately perceived and recognised from your perspective. So let us first briefly summarise how we "sample" what we believe to be "reality":

1. The five physical senses; sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch continuously send data in the form of millions of tiny "packets" of electrical charges, collectively "sensory inputs" representing a "best guess" impression of your surroundings, every second to your organic brain.

Note: The organic brain is not the Mind and neither is the organic brain the so called "seat of consciousness". The organic brain is best likened to an immensely powerful "supercomputer", but which still relies completely upon its programmer and systems analyst, the Subconscious Sphere of activity of the Mind, most often considered to be the "Subconscious Mind". This process can be thought of as taking place at a quantum level, with the brain being a receiver and processor like a computer CPU, which takes "machine code" and displays it in a form that can be seen and interacted with.

2. The organic brain continuously collates and assembles the stream of sensory inputs received from the sensory organs, from which it compiles an ongoing composite image or impression as a "best guess scenario". This composite "image", which encompasses all available sensory information, is then sent as a stream of data to the Subconscious sphere of Mind; Subconsiousness; the "Subconscious Mind".

3. Subconscious Sphere of Mind - Subconsiousness - then applies a range of learned "filters", acquired over the duration of the physical life experience to that moment, based upon ongoing ideas, feelings, emotions, fears, self esteem, prejudices, beliefs and belief systems, expectations of family, friends, society, perceptions on "money" and sense of security, concerns for family and much, much more, all received from the Conscious Sphere of Mind Principle; the "Conscious Mind" during the ongoing space-time bound experience which it accepts as "life".

Note: Subconscious Mind Principle is sublime, and simply accepts these messages from the Conscious Sphere of Mind activity as "preferences", without question, as your own preferred "self-image", your "idealised self" how you prefer to "see yourself". The Subconscious Mind then applies these "preferences" to the composite image it has received from the organic brain, and then forwards it to the Conscious Mind. Conscious Mind duly accepts the image without question as your own particular impression of your current "experience" in that moment. Keep in Mind that this is a continuous process.

This impression or image is always accepted by the Conscious Mind as "real" because the Subconscious Mind has already processed the image to ensure that it is in exact alignment with how you already perceive your own situation and "life experience", and therefore there are no contradictions, and you have no reason to consciously doubt it. So the "Subconscious Mind" is simply and only showing you only that which you already expect to see based upon your own perceptions, positive, negative or neutral of your own personal experience.

Subconscious Mind is always "humouring" you, but not because it makes any sort of decision to do so. The Subconscious Sphere of Mind activity is sublime, and only ensures that the wishes, rational or not, of the Conscious Mind, the Ego, are satisfied. Note: It is incorrect to speak in terms of "Conscious Mind" or "Subconscious Mind" because they are both spheres of activity of the One Ultimate and Only Mind, of which humans are but one sphere of activity. We should always therefore refer to these as Consciousness and Subconsiousness. However, in the interests of familiarity of terms, let’s continue to use both as appropriate. There is also Superconsciousness.

Now the important point to note at this stage is that our personal experience is constantly being shaped only by our Conscious sensory observations, experiences and associated thought processes including feelings and emotions, simply reacting to, and engaging in, what we sincerely believe to be our "real" experience, our "life" but for most with little or no control, or even remote awareness of this process.

It is a very common human trait to focus much more upon the "negative" aspects of perceived experience, with all the corresponding worries, fears and negative expectations thus arising, which are being constantly received by, and impressed upon the sublime Subconscious Mind, thereby constantly reinforced through feelings, moods and emotions, whether of a positive or negative perceived nature. So again, Subconscious Mind is dutifully and immutably ensuring that our own unique perception of our own unique experience accurately reflects our own perception of our experience and expectations, thereby perpetually satisfying our own learned and programmed self-reinforcing perceptions, prejudices and beliefs.

It should be apparent then, that Mind "shapes" our "reality". However, this is the apparent paradox: If Mind "shapes our reality", then why is it that our Personal sphere of Mind often, but incorrectly, regarded as the "Subconscious Mind" shape a "reality" that few people are entirely satisfied with Mind is Perfect after all? Well Human Beings also have a sphere of Mind activity which we call the Conscious Mind, or the Ego. While the "Subconscious Mind" manages all necessary Life processes in the physical body breathing, digestion, elimination etc which the Conscious Mind would not think of over-riding, the Subconscious Mind is still subservient to the Freewill of the Conscious Mind, the Ego.

The Subconscious Sphere of Mind never argues, disagrees, or acts of its own accord, but rather simply "follows the instructions" of the Ego, without question. Now since we cannot "tell the Subconscious what to do" or how to do it, how then does the Subconscious Mind "follow the wishes" of the Conscious Mind, the Ego? Well, the Subconscious Mind only accepts feelings, beliefs, intent etc, to the extent that a person has sublime Faith and Belief in whatever they believe, feeling etc. It is an unfortunate human "trait" to focus on the negative aspects of a situation due in part of the pressures of surviving, and wanting to conform to "societal norms" and in part to a lack of understanding of precisely why and how this actually occurs.

People explain this away with such superstitious notions as "luck", "chance", "fortune", inevitability and tacit acceptance of their "lot in life". What such people do not understand that every Human Being has the Freewill and therefore Choice to "Express" absolutely any Experience desired, with "limits". Now let us go back to the Quantum "layer" to see how Mind relates.

"Quanta" may be thought of as the "basic unit of Energy" which responds only to the influence of the Mind in proportion to the "power" of a Thought, Feeling or Emotion. The "native state" of Quanta is in the form of a Wave like a radio or light wave. However, when Quanta are influenced by Mind, in the context of the "physical world", Quanta notionally "collapse" from a Waves to Particles, which is how the illusion of "matter" arises to the physical senses, organic brain and Conscious Mind, the Ego. In reality, Quanta only exist as a continuous wave but appear to "collapse into particles under the influence of Mind so that the Conscious Mind can then "perceive" and rationalise what appears to be the physical world. This however nothing but an illusion, or aptly described as a "delusion". So how can this illusion be further explained?

In Quantum Mechanics, this mechanism is known as "Superposition". Superposition holds that Quanta can not only "change state", but can also influence other Quanta, regardless of illusions of linear, temporal space-time, to do the same. So Quanta appear not only to "communicate", but also independent of space-time. Superposition further holds that Quanta also exhibit multiple "states" concurrently. Quantum scientists have themselves said these words on conceptualised Superposition as: "The intermediate character of the state formed by superposition thus expresses itself through the probability of a particular result for an observation being intermediate between the corresponding probabilities for the original states, not through the result itself being intermediate between the corresponding results for the original states". So what then does this all mean in practical terms relating to Human Experience?

Well let us think of it this way. Quanta, which are "units of Universal Energy", to what people think of as the "physical world", exist normally as a Wave of Infinite Potential which apparently "changes" under the influence of Mind. This is true both at a "local" level, as well as a Universal level. Quanta therefore exist as a Superposition of "possibilities" of Infinite Potential, but in their native form Quanta are "Every-thing and No-thing".

Under the influence of Mind, Quanta cease to be infinite "possibility" and start to become apparently "localised" Probability relative to the activity of Mind. Now for the most part, the influence of Mind is either not powerful enough, or persistent enough for Quanta to move beyond the latent, transient Probability state. If however the influence of Mind is powerful and persistent enough, for example a persistent, strongly held Thought, Feeling or Emotion, then Quanta continue state-change from Probability in the form of a Wave, to observable Experience in the form of Particles which have the potential to be observed or detected by the Conscious Mind through the five physical senses communicating with the Human organic brain.

This process is immediately apparent as a thought, feeling or emotion immediately "manifests" in to "some-thing" observable and tangible although in reality nothing is ever "tangible". However, be certain every aspect of our own Earthly Experience is the product of our own Mind, thoughts, feelings and emotions, including, but not limited to Faith and Belief, although due to the additional influences of linear, temporal space-time this process is not apparent, and other factors are attributed by the conscious, rational, Ego Mind. However, if the Conscious Mind is taken out of the process altogether, and thus thoughts, feelings and emotions are Subsconsiously directed without "trying" then it is indeed possible to change Experience, "reality" or a so called "object" instantly. This then is the basis for Telekinesis, "spoon bending" and other such "abilities". The reason that most people cannot "move an object with the Mind" or "bend a spoon with the Mind" is precisely because they are "trying" to do so.

We can never achieve anything true by "trying" So when "we" move an "object" or "bend a spoon" with the Mind alone, we do not recognise the duality of that object, but rather that the object is actually part of us. This is as true at the "physical" level as it is at the Quantum level. This means that none of the "physical sciences" chemistry, physics, biology etc has any real basis in fact. In experiments, as in Life, we only Experience the "results" which we Believe and Feel are "correct", never those the Ego "desires".

Ask your-Self this; do you wish to accept this Divinely orchestrated opportunity through participation or prefer to decline this Divine Opportunity through fear? We are each and every one of us, blessed with Divine Freewill that we may make and live our own Choices and to fully accept the consequences of the Choices we make. Every Single Human Being on Earth Can and Does Make A Difference. Be absolutely certain of this truth, beyond all possible doubt.