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The fundamental factors necessary to maintain good Health are: Exercise Breathing, and Nutrition.

When I was young, and growing up in the beautiful and natural countryside in the heart of Ceylon, a small rural village called "Gurutalawa" there were no "supermarkets" only a village stores. In the towns, cities and larger populated areas there were "multi-product stores" and they cannot be compared to the "supermarkets" of today. Food today, as with all other products offered in supermarkets, are based upon the tried and tested business model “stack it high, and sell it cheap". Food and products generally are rarely grown or made in the country in which the supermarket is located, but which are rather imported from abroad, very often in countries and regions by people being paid poor wages.

We knew that much of the food we purchased and valued so much was grown by the Ceylonese, and very often local farmers. We enjoyed access to village so small, family owned, "high street" or village shops greengrocers, bakers etc which offered only fresh, natural produce, sold by traditional shopkeepers who truly cared about the customer not their money. In stark and sad contrast, the foods to be found in today's so called "supermarkets" are grown in massive volume, and heavily contaminated with a chemical cocktail to artificially increase growth density and size yield and to ward off or kill insects and plant diseases none of which are remotely natural.

The traditional specialist store has become extinct, to the detriment of humanity. Even foods labelled as "organic" which is really no more than a marketing ploy are not entirely natural, just more natural than today's "mass produced" products. Not only are such mass produced foods lacking in nutrition, especially compared to the truly naturally grown counterparts, but also the chemical cocktail that permeates through this food can be not only toxic, but also "systemic" spread throughout the body, including brain and cumulative the body cannot remove them so they increase in concentration and deadly toxic effects throughout the course of a life. These foods are allowed to be grown and sold only due to the fact that the large, multi-national agro-chemical cabals control governments and other agencies who "bend the rules" without any regard for human life or wellbeing.

In all of these factors we must always consider that those multi-national cabals, banks and governments who would seek to control humanity for their own purposes, are in a very, very tiny minority compared to the 7 billion people living on this planet. Those directly behind all these atrocities in fact most likely number in the thousands. However we must all accept equal responsibility. While people use and encourage supermarket chains, banks, and so on, and continue to elect the very governments  who perpetuate,  encourage  and accept payment from those who would seek to control the Human race, then  everyone is equally responsible, and everyone must accept the potentially dire consequences. There can be no finger pointing or apportionment of blame. The cabals, banks and governments only get away with what they are getting away with because they are supported by the population as a whole through implicit and willing participation. A further insidious and highly dangerous trend over the last few decades in particular is the rise and spread of so called "fast food" and other so called outlets known as "ready meals" sold by the supermarkets.

It is a fact that nutritional diseases such as obesity, diabetes, colon and other cancers, heart diseases, liver and kidney diseases, allergies etc are not only accelerating at an alarming rate, but also afflicting people of ever younger age. Child obesity is rife. An increasingly higher percentage of the population is now classified as "clinically" or "morbidly" obese. Fast food generally is largely responsible, along with unhealthy lifestyles generally. Fast food may not be too toxic, in an of itself, but fast food lacks any useful nutrition and is also full of saturated fats. Pre-prepared, often ready cooked and packaged supermarket foods are a different matter, and perhaps one of the most insidious trends. Notwithstanding how and where these "meals" are prepared, in order to render them suitable for supermarket shelves, they are heavily adulterated with preservatives, artificial colours, artificial flavours, artificial preservatives and other toxic chemicals.

Again, humanity is collectively responsible. If people did not purchase and eat these "products" there would be no market for them, and they would no longer exist. Humanity must take the lead by initially no longer supporting the international cabals, banks and other "special interests" and become self-empowered. If we refuse to support these entities, they will die plain and simple. If we continue to support these entities, then the "future" of humanity is uncertain at best, catastrophic at worst, and any situation in between. Human Beings are "designed" to eat meat and dairy products and digestive system is actually "designed" to eat natural plant foods, this is a fact.

How natural is it to drink milk designed for a young baby calf until it is fourth months old? Cattle have a totally different anatomy and digestive system compared to that of Humans and the mother's milk is "designed" by nature accordingly. The same applies to "dairy cow" milk derivatives including cheeses, yoghurts etc.

If you cannot grow your own crops, you can definitely grow your own seed sprouts, which can be grown in the home, with very limited space, and in just a few days. Seed Sprouts are super-foods, and natural foods, containing all the nutrients the Human Body requires to remain fit and healthy in every way. Humanity is fully empowered to make all these changes. Depending on what Humanity chooses, collectively and individually. One Person Could Make All The Difference. Please Do Whatever You Personally Can To Potentially Make That Difference By Sharing This With Everyone You Know, And Ask That They Do The Same.

The need for ample exercise is self-evident and well documented generally. If we do not engage in sufficient regular exercise there can be many ramifications. As well as not "burning" and converting energy, and the muscles becoming progressively weaker, one of the most important life-sustaining organs in the body the heart also becomes weak leading to heart disease, respiratory issues and other consequences that can profoundly impact Heath.

Breathing however is also an absolutely crucial, life-sustaining bodily function. This may, to most, be self-evident, after all, if we do not breathe, then we "die". Now, the primary role of breathing for the physical body is to allow Oxygen to enter the lungs which in turn oxygenates the blood, ensuring that all every vital organ and cell in our body is supplied with Oxygen, which is crucial for Life almost All Life. If the brain is starved of Oxygen, for even a few minutes, the brain will first become damaged, and will then cease to function altogether. The same for the Heart.

When we exercise or engage in "physical exertion", we breathe harder and faster than is the norm, causing the heart rate to increase so that sufficient oxygen enters the body to supply the vital organs which are working hard and burning energy. Now most people perceive breathing as self-evident a natural, automatic process. While this may be true, breathing varies considerably in both quality and effect. There are various "types" of breathing:

Throat Breathing: This is the type of breathing that most people have become accustomed to, yet is the unhealthiest. Although Breathing is an automatic process under the control of the Subconscious Mind, the Subconscious Mind, as we know, never makes decisions as to how best to do anything. The Subconscious Mind will accept the quality of breathing that the Conscious Mind, the Ego; is most used to, which becomes "normal".

Breath is the coming and going of Life and Death. As such a high and central focus is placed upon "right breathing" among other disciplines. Breath also brings Energy in to the body. Shallow breathing, of the sort that many people are accustomed to, therefore only brings a fraction of possible Energy in to the body in any one breath.

Chest Breathing: Chest breathing is a more healthy way to breath. In chest breathing the rib cage is visibly moving in and out, resulting in more oxygen and the Energy coming in to the body, and being more widely distributed.

Many might believe that all breathing takes place through the nose or mouth. However, due to the porosity of skin, and the fact that what people think of as "skin", like all physical matter, does not actually exist as such, we can breathe in through any part of our body or the whole body, by focusing breath on that part of the body. In this way we can breathe Energy directly in to a major organ for example and focus it within that bodily organ. This is a very powerful form of self-healing. There is no disease whatsoever, known or yet to be known, that cannot be completed, permanently healed through the Power of Mind and Right Breathing. We may discuss this in more depth in future, but for now we have focused on our main subject of more "conventional" breathing.

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